Wednesday, May 20, 2015

El Último Preso Performs to a Full House at Montalban Theater

LéaLA presents, 'El Último Preso': Over the weekend, the cast of, the show starring, the Bichir family (Demian Bichir, Bruno Bichir, Odiseo Bichir) along with Reynaldo Rossano, and directed by, Alejandro Bichir performed to a full house in the Montalban Theater.

The lines outside the theater can been seen from blocks away, with some waiting till the last minute to be able to get tickets.

The comedy show was filled with laughs and good times from the cast and audiences. At the end show, the production was greeted with standing ovation.

El Último Preso is about thirst of power and the intransigence ofthe system.

The story takes place in a hypothetical country where the repressor system has been so brutal that no one is already willing to speak out against the government; to the point that the last political prisoner is willing to recant his subversive and revolutionary ideas to be released. This will bring endless tangles crazed where the police and the system question its rationale, for where there is no one to arrest, does it make sense to continue to exist? Police end probably arresting itself to justify their reason for being.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Teacher Week

Shout out to all the teachers who work tirelessly day in and day out, sun up to sun down, to educate and to serve as role models to our children. Your love, passion, commitment, and dedication to our youth is what is necessary to push their generation and many generations to come forward, as thriving citizens advancing the nation and impacting the global community through the arts, business, science and technology, social justice, and entrepreneurship. Thank you for being Nation Builders! #thankateacher
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Friday, May 1, 2015

LéaLA and the Social Buzz

Be part of the experience, and see what people have been talking about on social media -from the 2nd biggest book fair the world, LéaLA, to our cultural events. 

Our cultural events:

"El Ultimo Preso" 
May 16th | 7Pm 
Montalban Theater 

"Bestiario" with ARREOLA + GURROLA along with "Jazz Palabra"

May 15th | 9PM
Los Angeles Theater Center

LUNA MORENA, titeres para nino y adultos presenta: "Cuentos para no dormir" 

MAY 15-17th
Los Angeles Convention Center
"Para que quiero alas si tengo alas para volar"#fridakahlo 
Rueda de prensa de los Hnos. Bichir y Reynaldo#ElUltimoPreso #yovoy #gvo #valleoriente #mty#HnosBichir un honor tener a estas personalidades con gran talento y trayectoria #teatro gracias!!! @elultimopreso

#ad Sitting back with my monkey reading books in Spanish. #GotToStartThemEarly 
Have you heard of #LeaLA2015 before. It is a#bookfair coming to #LA in May! #FreeThingsToDo#LatinaBloggers

I love to see my kids reading. As a writer, I have a passion for Latino authors and books -- I hope to write my own book someday! I want to check out the fourth annual LéaLA happening on May 15-17 at the L.A Convention Center. It's free! #LeaLA2015 #ad#latinabloggers #kidsfirst #cultura #spanish

#JazzPalabra #ProgramaCultural #LéaLA 15 de mayo#LATC Boletos ya a la venta! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LéaLA at Fiesta Broadway 2015

Did you catch our LéaLA team at this years Fiesta Broadway? We had fun at the event, especially, talking with the many fiesta goers.

The largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world hosted about 300,000 of mostly Latinos. We were proud to had been part of it, and helping spread the word about the next biggest event coming up next month in Los Angeles, LéaLA 2015 - Held at Los Angeles Convention Center.

LéaLA will also be hosting a few special live shows; "El Último Preso" "Bestiario" and "Cuentos para no dormir"

We are looking forward to seeing you next month at LéaLA  2015.

With the objective of expanding its programs by focusing on the diffusion of the culture and the arts of the Latino community in the City of Los Angeles, California, the University of Guadalajara has created one of the biggest and most ambitious projects around the promotion of the Spanish-language: LéaLA, the Los Angeles Spanish-language Book Fair.

The purpose of this event is to encourage reading and to promote books in Spanish, as well as the recognition of the Latino population, their culture and traditions. LéaLA is an initiative sponsored by the University of Guadalajara at Los Angeles and by the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL).